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Is this a health issue??

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A few months ago my 8 month old began randomly shaking his head from side to side. Then he would just continue on playing with his toys.His Grandfather assumed it was because of his noise maker machine is always on, so we stopped using it. After that he continued to shake his head randomly. Lately I haven't seen him doing it. So should I worry?

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Re: Is this a health issue??

If it is something you are really concerned about, it never hurts to bring it up at his next well check which should be sometime around 9 months. But head shaking/ head banging is considered a normal behavior and a form of self soothing, and it is more common in boys than girls. If you have a copy of what to expect the first year, that book has a section on it.

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Re: Is this a health issue??

my daughter does the same thing, almost like she gets a cold chill and shivers. Im pretty sure its normal. :smileyhappy:


its definitely not cold in florida, mid summer lol.

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Re: Is this a health issue??

Def sounds normal but worth checking out if you are worried about it.
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Re: Is this a health issue??

It is quite normal in some kids, so don’t worry about it. But if you are really concern to it, then consult a good child specialist.

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