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Is it enough for my baby

Hi friends am a mom of 8month old one. She will eat solid foods thrice a day and drink only my bf. I dont know how much amount she will drink daily.. Is it enough for her or i want to introduce bottle? She looks not fat nor thin in structure
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Re: Is it enough for my baby

I have the same problem..but from what I read and spoke to my doctor about, as long as she is still growing just fine, she must be getting enough!

I know that does little to ease your mind, but if they arent showing signs of dehydration and are content after eating and after BFing, you are fine!


I did start to introfuce my daughter to one bottle before bedtime, and once during the day, just to make sure she was getting plenty. Thats a decision that is totally up to you though :smileyhappy:

My babygirl is 10 months and growing well.

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Re: Is it enough for my baby

Brie seems to have sound advice. As long as baby is developing at a normal rate, you should be good. Babies and children are pretty good about eating when they are hungry.


If you are super concerned, check with your doctor and make sure she is on track and let your doctor know your concerns.




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