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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding

1) breast feeding is hard, don't beat yourself up - you're still learning and so is your baby. It took me a solid six weeks with my first before we had it remotely figured out. I breastfed on demand, didn't pull him off before he was done and always offered the second side.
2) sleep deprivation sucks. My first took 45 minutes to eat and are every two hours for 8 months, so I didn't get more than an 1-1 1/4 hours sleep in a row for 8 months. It was horrible, but it does end.
3) check out Dr Jack Newman's website and book. They solve pretty much every breast feeding problem.
4) I'd agree to stop supplementing. Trust your body to make enough and pump between feeding a to supplement with if you can.
5) any time breast feeding is good for your baby, so congratulations on working so hard on it already.
6) Go see a lactation consultant. In Canada they are free and are a huge help.
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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding

They told me that when she fell asleep to undress her, and stroke the side of her cheek to make her reflex's kick in. Also rub the bottom of her chin :smileyhappy:

worked everytime.


and I officially have been BFing for a year!


As for the lack of sleep.. that'll happen for quite a few more months..theres nothing you can do about that one, except time. :smileyhappy:  It sucks, unfortunately. I was a walking zombie for MONTHS. Finally, around 5 months she began to sleep through the night in longer stretches, and now sleeps for the whole night (unless shes teething).

You arent doing anything wrong at all. Keep it up!

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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding

Hang in there girl!! Like everyone said, you're not alone.  Breastfeeding is hard and the lack of sleep doesn't help but things get easier with time. I agree and think there is a growth spurt going on bc my son would do the same. Also maybe try to avoid dairy or spicy foods, anything that might be effecting the taste of your milk and see if that helps. Also burp frequently. I would also suggest to instead supplement with your milk rather than formula. Try to pump as much as possible and use a bottle and see if that works better. The cheek stroking and stroking near the chin and corner of the mouth also helped wake mine up when he fell asleep. Touching his back or the back of his neck with a cold hand helped too. As for side-lying nursing, I was  too afraid to do that when he was younger but I do that now. If you can, try to nap when she does.

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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding

i have an 8 week old, that has only had formula once. weve had our problems, for the first three weeks he had the hardest time latching. he still falls asleep breastfeeding. its normal. they are so relaxed and secure they fall asleep. i thought about giving up as well, and i cried. lord did i cry. im not going to tell you that you have to push through. you need to do what you feel is right. i agree breastfeeding is best. but considering pumping and then bottle feeding. true its a hassle, and god is it time consuming. but you can still be comforted that baby is getting your milk and your nutrients. hope it helped! stay strong. itll get better.

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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding

Don't give up! It becomes so much easier.  Your baby probably just wants to suck. Try a pacifier or have your partner hold, rock, shush, swing, etc.  Also, consider side lying nursing to give you some rest.  Or, have your partner wake up to give a full bottle of formula, and let you rest completely.  Infants go through many stages, and none or them are permanent or last very long.  In the long run, breast feeding is WAY easier that formula.  Imagine getting up everynight to heat water for formula, wash bottles, etc. Instead, you can just pop your nipple in your baby's mouth!  Also, breatfeeding is free, formula will cost you over $1000 a year.  You're doing great!

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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding

I'm a second time mum n first time round no one told me about CLUSTER FEEDING. This happens at about 3 weeks but can happen at 2-4 basically bubs will feed like you have described to increase your supply.. so that as they grow their supply will grow with them.. cluster feeding happens every few weeks. But their is an end once bubs has that supply up he will settle back down again... But cluster feeding is hard to survive especially when your breastfeeding and can't share the burden.. hang in their
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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding

I actually gave up BF all-together. Dr. said it was ok as not all babies seem to be 

keen on it though my 2nd was just fine and took breast milk without any problems.

I switched to the newborn european formula- and yes there are some dairy free ones

too- but this changed everything for me, it is called HiPP, they got more baby products

but I was introduced to it with formula. Baby slept through the night no problem, I felt

she was also a happier baby. I looked into this and found out it is fully organic and

no other US made formula had all the european one does , sad but true :-(

I pumped for a bit but she would still not take any milk from me at all which is why

i went on with the formula.


Best of luck! :smileyvery-happy:



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