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Cloth diapering opinions and

I am new to the forum and thought I would post as I had a few questions regarding diapering that I hope the community could help with. I was wondering what parents thought of cloth diapering? I really believe it is starting to pick up again and I like to think I am fairly enviornmentally concious and financially responsible. My baby has had a couple reactions to disposable diapers which is another reason why we are looking into it.


I found a sites that are actually close by our home that offer quite afforable diapers that i have heard are good quality as well. The site is called and they offer quite the variety of options. Almost overwhelming in fact. was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this site or the diapers they sell? Have they been good quality and has your baby had any reactions to the detergents or anything? That is the only real thing I can see as being a "watch out" from the baby reaction side. I'm not too worried about shipping times since they are close by and offer pickup but in case of a snowstorm it would also be nice to here if people got fast shipping?


Thanks for your help and if i don't get much response i'll probably just test the waters myself and report back anything I find! Thanks everyone! - Kelly

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Re: Cloth diapering opinions

Hi Kelly,

I didn't end up choosing cloth diapers, but several of my friends did and all of them liked doing so. They used various brands of diapers, including gDiapers and BumGenius. I haven't had any experience with Bumble Baby, but would love to hear back if you do try them. If your baby will be going to daycare, definitely check to make sure they are OK with cloth diapers - some of the daycares in my area weren't, but the boutique where I bought diapers for friends' showers had a list of daycares that accepted cloth. 


That same boutique sold Charlie's Soap detergent and that's what at least one of my friends used without any reaction from her son. 


Best of luck!




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Re: Cloth diapering opinions and

I love our cloth diapers!!! so much I started sewing them myself, lol.


My store bought diapers are all softbums brand. However, I have some of their inserts and then a bunch of Rearz prefolds that I use.


Prefolds give you a lot of bang for your buck. They clean really well, hold a lot of pee, and are cheap, like $2-4 each usually and they'll last you for years and when they get too worn out for diapers you can clean with them.


I prefer an AI2 system that also has a pocket- basically a hybrid diaper. I usually just lay my absorbent material in a cover and then diaper up, but when we go places I stuff the absorbent material in the pocket and it goes on and off like a sposie.


We also get WAY less rashes in them, and even though I haven't been strict about it and have taken cloth breaks, etc we've saved thousands of dollars using them.

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Re: Cloth diapering opinions and

We LOVE our cloth diapers! Never to run to the store buy diapers and just to end up buying the wrong size.  My son hardly has a diaper rash and never a leak. My husband was upset that in the summer when we had to use disposable while on vacation.  The brand we use are giggle life bamboo because they worked with his chubby legs and will last from 8 pounds to 35.  If we decide to have another child we will have diapered them from 0 to 2 at a cost of $100.I haven't found a huge increase in hydro(utilities) from washing them in hot water.  The other bonus is the reduction in garbage because our city only picks it up twice a month. Plus they come in so many cute prints.

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Re: Cloth diapering opinions and

I love our cloth diapers! I did a combination of pockets and prefolds. I ended up getting rid of my pockets and finishing off my stash with all prefolds and covers. I found the pockets to be very picky with washing and taking up more time. I love love love my green mountain prefolds they are sized so there is no folding down needed for little ones. Another plus to prefolds is you can use any laundry detergent it doesn't have to be cloth diaper friendly, just no fabric softener. And I love looking on etsy for wool coves! They have really cute hand made ones that are way cheaper than ones you find in stores.
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