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Baby won't eat

My son will be 5 months old at the end of this month when he was born he had a hard time latching on but finally did it continued to be a problem he would only nurse for 3-5 min total and cried all the time. I stopped BF when he was 1 month old because I thought I wasn't making enough. After that we tried several different formulas and he still wasn't very interested in eating and cried like he was in pain all the time, his ped sent us to a GI doctor where he was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and reflux after trying several other 'special' formulas he finally ended up on Elecare and also takes Prevacid for reflux his crying has since gotten much better but he still won't eat. He will suck down 2-3 oz and then push the bottle out of his mouth and jerk his head from side to side and fights you and cries if you try to make him eat any more. Sometimes I can put his passy in and let him suck on it for a few min and pull it out mid suck and put his bottle back in and he will eat 1/2-1 oz more, I try this trick at least 3 times every bottle. Sometimes he will eat more most of the time he won't. He eats every 4 hours and even after eating only 2-3 oz he will not cry like he's hungry at all. He only averages about 18 oz per day and his weight gain is very slow he has NOT been diagnosed failure to thrive but he isn't gaining weight quite like he should. I have never seen a baby fight you so much not to eat a bottle (sometimes he will eat ok but most every bottle is a fight and maybe drinks one 5 oz bottle a day) and I have never seen a baby just not hungry like this. I have noticed and I don't know if this has anything to do with it that when he stops drinking he will wiggle around and sometimes poops or farts, I know the sucking reflex stimulates things to move but I wouldn't think it would make him just not hungry. (If you saw him eat a bottle and stop you would think its a reflex thing like he doesn't like sucking but he takes his passy just fine) Has anyone else experienced this or have any clue why he doesn't want to eat? I am at a loss and everything the doctor does is a temp fix and he goes right back to not wanting to eat after a couple of days. We are going in on Monday so the doctor can observe him while he eats but I wanted to see if anyone else had any suggestions or thoughts. Also we have tried many different brands of bottles and nipples and tried all nipple flows it's the same thing with them all.
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Re: Baby won't eat

I'm so sorry that breast feeding didn't work out. It sounds like when you went to formula it only got worse. I am glad you are seeing a doctor about all of this. They can help figure out what is going on.


Make sure the doctor does everything he can from looking in baby's mouth, to get x-rays if needed. Be persistant and if this doctor can't help you, start looking for one that can.


I'm wondering if you can move on to other foods that will be easier on baby's belly. check with the doctor.


Please keep us posted. Stay strong!



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Re: Baby won't eat

My child has reflux too & is allergic to milk/cheese. Try the small 4-6oz playtex bag bottles. Stir the formula instead of shaking to prevent bubbles. I used liquid formula also. When he drinks 2oz or stops on his own, burp him. Let his tummy rest by sitting him in a walker or carry all on an incline after 4oz. 15mins later feed him what his tummy can tolerate. When his tummy is hard he has air in there but when its squishy he's good. Keep asking questions and talkingw/ your medical team. Also, UNC Chapel Hill has tons of information and recently did a child's tummy study. Feed small amounts at the time. Try spoon feeding him cereal w/ just formula mixed in it. Warm the cereal. Make it thin but not liquefied.
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