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Baby Food Advice

I'd love to hear from other moms and dads who make (or made) their baby food. We made almost all of our daughter's baby food w/ our stick blender and it was super simple. We usually just simmered or boiled fruit and veggies and once they were soft, used the blender. We usually put half a batch of one type of food in the refrigerator, then freezed the other half in ice cube trays.


Now I see that you can buy empty grab & go pouches for serving as well. There are also machines specifically for blending baby food.


What were your favorite foods to make? Any storage tips?

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Re: Baby Food Advice

I make my own baby food also, I got the baby bullet (blender system) at my shower, when my daughter was a newborn formula was way too heavy for her so i started using it to whip up her formula and went straight thru to whipping up her foods. The system came with an great how to book and nutritional guides, it even suggested foods to offer baby that they dont sell in the premade baby food isle. My daughter loves her fresh veggies so much, i have to hide fruit in them! I did a bit more shopping then you and bought baby freezer safe container to store food in 2 oz at a time, and rubbermade 4 oz container for her everyday favoriates that I make alot of like sweet potatos, zucchuni and yellow squash and green beans. I have purchased three of the refillable pouches but since she is only 6 months old those are now being used yet. I think i might offer her frozen/slushee treats in them once she is old enough to manage them herself.
Some food I can easily see the cost savings, other not so much, but all I know my once gases fussy newborn has no more stomach problems and the blender whirls daily in this household! Try acovado.
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Re: Baby Food Advice

I too like to make my own baby food. Its fresh and I know exactly what my child is eating. Sometimes I don't quite trust the preservatives and other additives that might be in the jarred baby food.

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Re: Baby Food Advice

I used jar food from 6 to 9 months. Then started to make it in home. I use majic bullet for blending and rice cooker for steaming. Also I use rubber maid containers for storing. I usually read the ingredients in different baby food jar and use the same combimations of ingredients for making my home made baby food.
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