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6month sleeping

I'm a new mom to a 6 month baby boy, I understand that he won't have a perfect sleeping schedule by now but I'm in desperate need for advice! He doesn't go to sleep until 4am he will take naps all night but when he wakes from his naps he is wide awake, he sleep until 12 pm I have tried waking him up more during the day but he will just cry and get fussy until I let him sleep
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Re: 6month sleeping

My daughter did this after we got home from a 2 month stay in SCBU, I started keeping the room light during the day and leaving lights off during the night so she would get the hint that it was time to sleep and not play (use minimal lighting, I used to turn the light in the hall on so I could just see what I was doing) No talking, no playing just nappy change and a bottle. Eventually she got the hint and now she goes down at 7pm and sleeps til 7am. Might take some time but stick with it and it'll pay off

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Re: 6month sleeping

Totally what pp said! I really liked the book Good Night, Sleep Tight. It has a lot of practical solutions for common problems, including what you're going through :smileyhappy:
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Re: 6month sleeping

My 5 1/2 month old daughter sleeps through the night, but doesn't take many naps during the day. She has been doing this for the past few months. She doesn't like to sleep.

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Re: 6month sleeping

I highly recommend visiting they have free sleep webinars and many other webinars with great tips and troubleshooting for common issues. They also offer sleep consultations for more difficult problems. Daytime sleep is just as important as night time sleep. Trust me. Isis Parenting is an amazing resource!!!!
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