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5 month old at a wedding

My sister in law is getting married in August and my DS will be 5 months. The family is fine with our son going to the wedding but it is an evening wedding and I am exclusively breastfeeding. Also seeing that the wedding is out of town, I am not comfortable with leaving my baby with a sitter we don't know. We will have to travel by plane then another 3 hours by car. My husband and I have been going back and fourth between all three of us going and just him attending. I need some outside perspective..... How horrible would it be for just my husband to attend?
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Re: 5 month old at a wedding

you're going to a wedding and leaving your baby to a baby sitter you don't know is a total nightmare.  you will surely not enjoy the celebration and will cause uneasiness for both you and your husband. so i think it's still best to personally speak to your sister in law and tell her your situation I'm sure she will understand.




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Re: 5 month old at a wedding

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Hi There,


I have been in a few situations like this and it isn't always easy finding a way to balance everything. Because this is your husbands sister and I am guessing they all want you at the wedding, I say go. Better to be there and have to leave because of baby than to not make an effort.


Give yourself plenty of time to get there, if you can leave a day ahead of schedule there will be no rushing and you can stop when ever baby needs some mommy time. Not to mention, babies fly free at that age :smileyhappy:


I understand not feeling up to it being a new mom, but if it were me, I would just prepare to go and enjoy being with family on this special day and duck out when you need to.


I have three children and breastfed them all until they were a year old. We traveled a lot. It wasn't always easy, but to my surprise, there were more easy times than there were hard. Let me know if you want me to share my travel tips with you.


Take care and let me know what you and your husband decide to do.



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Re: 5 month old at a wedding

I've been in similar situations as well.  I don't think anyone will think badly of you if just your husband goes.  I'm sure they will understand what an undertaking the travel will be for your 5 month old.  However, if you decide to take baby, you will make it work as well and will enjoy time with family.  Plus they will all love seeing baby!  Just plan ahead as much as possible and try to anticipate everything.  If baby gets fussy at the wedding, you can just duck out for a bit.  People do that in our church all of the time and nobody thinks twice about it.  Good luck with your decision!

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