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4 week old with colic

My son is 4 wks old today and it seems like every night for the past 2 weeks or so he is colicky from 10pm-1am. It doesn't matter what I do he won't stop crying. Sometimes I am able to get him to stop crying for a little bit, but then he will just start back up again. I am a first time Mom, so this is all new for me. My husband went out and bought the Enfamil Gentlease formula since we were giving him the newborn one. We thought maybe it was gas causing him the discomfort, but so far it hasn't made a difference.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any advice?!

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Re: 4 week old with colic

He might be dairy and soy intolerant, lots of babies are. You can check with your ped and see if they have other formula samples, our doc office has lots of good start and nutrimagen samples. My sister's 2m old baby has gerd and food sensitivities to dairy, soy, and peanuts.
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Re: 4 week old with colic


Our son will be 3weeks old tomorrow and we just went through something similar.  For the first week and a half he was taking the Newborn Enfamil just fine and sleeping for his usual stretches of 3 hours or so he was already on a pretty good schedule when we brought him home because he was in the NICU for 6 days after his birth, and they run a tight ship when it comes to feedings. One day last week he just woke up screaming, something he had never done before we thought he was just wet and my MI swears we are spoiling him. From that day on we could not lay him back down flat on his back to sleep. He was constanly making this thoat clearing grunting sound and turning bright red.  We ended up taking him to the ER last Saturday because he had milk coming out of his nose and spitting up clear bubbles for 2 days straight. We were told he has reflux something very common among little ones. The sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach is immature and allows for stomach contents to flow back beuno when it's straight stomach acid.  We swiched his formula to Enfamil Gentlease and we have been feeding him sitting up and not so laid back in our arms to help everything stay down and we also keep him up right for at least 30mins after every feeding.  This routine makes feedings longer for us but for the past week he has made such a huge improvement and no more milk out the nose o bright red faces.

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Re: 4 week old with colic

Our son is almost 7 weeks old - and he has colic. You are not alone. There is a "witching hour" it seems, and our son's is usually from around 4pm-10pm. He will not just cry -- but screaming cries where it goes straight to the center of your brain, and there is nothing we can do. The list of things to "soothe a baby" are useless for a colicky baby -- so you can try people's suggestions, but they probably won't help out that much.

He's breastfed, and my wife cut dairy out awhile ago -- and it didn't work. He's just colicky...and we have to deal until he "grows out of it." And sometimes, that seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. When you have 3 days straight of crying/screaming for about 18 hours - no medicine/soothing techniques will work. Its just luck.

You're not alone...and unfortunately, the only thing I've been able to find is to just work through it.
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Re: 4 week old with colic

Babies crying peaks at 6 weeks which means statistically most babies begin increasing crying from 4 weeks until 6 weeks when it will begin to taper off slowly. With my 3 year old everyone was telling me milk protein intolerance, acid reflux, colic, etc. Guess what none of the "solutions" really stopped it consistently just good ole fashioned patience. With my 4 month old I ignored all the well intentioned "diagnosis" everyone in a moms life try to make and waited it out. Yep. Just gave her sympathetic love during the witching hours (hers was 8-11pm) and sure enough around 2 months it was noticeably beginning to taper off and by 2.5 months she began to sleep through the night. If it persists after 8-10 weeks old talk to your doctor who will likely placate you by giving you one of the aforementioned "diagnosis" but take a wait and see approach knowing that it will eventually pass (just slower for some kids).
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Re: 4 week old with colic

I have heard of this before and I am sorry to hear that baby seems to be in discomfort..


Be aware that it isn't always what you think it is. I remember once my baby was as fussy as can be. I couldn't figure it out. I finally found a long hair wrapped tightly around my babys toe. I mean tightly! Once I took care of the problem everything was back to normal.


Take baby to the doctor so you have some help figuring it all out. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and stressful when baby is fussy and you have no idea what to do to sooth them.



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Re: 4 week old with colic

As you can read below, many people suggestion switching your LO's diet. My son had a period of time when he was colicky, in addition to dietary changes, I got him a zippy. It really worked in soothing him. It also increased his abilty to stay asleep longer. 


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