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pregnancy fears

Hi everyone, Im a second time mom. I'm 15 weeks pregnant right now & everyday is a battle for me. My first pregnancy I got all the way to 18 weeks then my water broke at home. I was immediately rushed to the hospital & forced to go into labor. My son lived for about 5 minutes before passing away. Now that's my boyfriend and I are pregnant again Im constantly on edge. every time I feel sick or that I'm in pain I rush to the hospital in fear of losing another baby. Does anyone have tips on how to keep a peace of mind throughout this second journey?
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Re: pregnancy fears

This is my second pregnancy too, although I wasn't as far along as you when I miscarried. I too worry all the time that i will lose the baby. I've even bought a Doppler to hear the heart beat at home. Every time I freak out I just remember that the doctor told me a miscarriage with your first pregnancy happens to about 30 percent of women and is very common. They also told me that losing the baby now is less than 8 percent chance. The chances you lose this second baby I bet are slim. Ask your doctor about it though. Did they tell you why you went into labor, or why your water broke so early? Nothing will take your worry completely away just try to relax and take care of yourself. Rest up, eat healthy, etc., that's all you can do.
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