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Re: Over 35 and anxious

Most meds done per pregnancy and stopped before the placenta takes over normally will not effect your baby. I also refused and tests to check for defects. I only want to have this baby here and healthy my boy was premature I pray I avoid that this round
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Re: Over 35 and anxious

I am 34 and expecting my first child. I like that part of "evil Dr. Google" where first-timers always are...looking for answers. That can be quite frustrating and the thought that over 35's carry high risks pregnancies, I think every pregnancy is different. We've got to trust God more than Google, I guess, and enjoy the ride.


All the best.

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Re: Over 35 and anxious

This is our first pregnancy and I will be 37 in March and we are due August 6th. We are currently 16 weeks tomorrow and have had two doctors appointments and participated in the harmony test that told us I am low risk and we are having a boy. I've been nervous since I found out and try to relax but it's tough! Reading similar stories make it better. Thank you to all that post!
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Re: Over 35 and anxious

I'm 39 and I had the same concerns.  It's the not knowing if anything is wrong that worries you the most.  It took my test about a week and a half to come back and they came back normal!  I took the Harmony test which also provided you the results of what you're having, so this worked out really well for me.  Just know that everything will work out and try to enjoy just being pregnant and carrying a healthy child.  As an older mom, we sometimes think and focus on the bad instead of enjoying the moments that we're bringing a life into this world, how excited we are and the first kicks...  Wish you all the best:smileyhappy:

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Re: Over 35 and anxious

Thank you so much for the response.  My tests all came out well and now I'm just focused on staying healthy and positive.  I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy.

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Re: Over 35 and anxious

Great news :smileyhappy:

~ Christine ~
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