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Re: Hi August 2014 Moms!

Hello! I am on baby # 2, but it's been 10 years sincey last pregnancy. I just found out , and am 4weeks, 4 days (due August 27th).
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Re: Hi August 2014 Moms!

I'm 5 weeks. Due August 23. Baby #2!


I have had a series of negative pregnancy tests but I was on clomid and progesterone so my doctor put me back on provera. If I get my period, I'm not pregnant. If I don't, then I we'll see! 

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Re: Hi August 2014 Moms!

Hi, I'm melissa I live in AK with my husband and 21 month old daughter. I'm 5weeks pregnant and due about August 20, 2014. My emotions are up and down, like earlier i think i was feeling happy, but right now i'm just feeling friken horrified. this was a planned pregnancy! so as scared as i am, i'm also very very happy:smileyhappy:


p.s. for all these new and experianced mommies, i recommend highly that you read up on PREECLAMPSIA. It's a fairly common issue that occurs to some women when they get pregant. It can happen at ANY point in your pregnancy, and even during your post partum. major symptoms include but aren't limited by

-swollen hands/facec/legs

-constant blinding headache not relived by tylenol

-brownish/ redish urine that smells strongly (like when you're really dehydrated)

-sensativity to light and sound, like a migraine

-seeing spots or sparkles all the time

-light headedness/ dizzyness

-high blood pressure (feels overwhemling often, like if you put too much thought or effort into something that is fairly stressful, then ur chest will just explode fromt the pressure. at least thats how it felt to me.)


I had preeclampsia for the last month of my pregnancy, but it wasn't diagonosed till I was 41 weeks pregnant. I didn't get to stay with my midwifes unfortunetly. Instead I went to the hospital and was induced. I personaly didn't have the option of no medacine but I was lucky because even though my daughter and I were really drugged up, (po baby@.@) we were both healthy and able after our experiance and havn't had any problems since. If you are lucky and want to try natural birth with pre-e it is possible, as long as your blood pressure dosn't reach too high a point.


Preeclampsia can be very dangerous, simply because it can sneak up on a person in just a few hours and not show any symptoms even. The best way to treat it is to catch it early and be aware of it. Preeclampsia can cause sezuires, stroke, and other problems involving very high blood pressure. In some cases doctors can wait to induce when babies aren't full term yet, but somtimes if your blood pressure is too high they will have to induce right away to save the mom, or baby, or both. So protect youselves. be aware. and know that Pre-e is no ones fault. No one really knows what causes it. So if you do find yourself dealing with this problem or one like it, than don't blame yourself, because it really is not yours or anyone elses fault.

I put the pre-e website link here if you feel like checking it out. I really don't want to scare anyone, but I would just like to give you all another weapon to protect you and your babies with. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER BABY!!!

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Re: Hi August 2014 Moms!

Hi. Im a second time mommy-to-be. Due august 8th
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Re: Hi August 2014 Moms!

I had pre-eclampsia with baby #2, and I swelled up like a balloon.  My baby was born naturally 2 wks past his due date, and everything was fine.  I haven't had it since, but you're right- it's something important to watch for. 

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Re: Hi August 2014 Moms!

I am due Aug 19, this is #2 my daughter is 11. I'm starting all over again:smileyhappy:
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Re: Hi August 2014 Moms!

Baby #1 due August 16th! First appt. is January 9th...and the waiting is so hard!

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