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First ultrasound...where's the baby?

Hiding behind a very full bladder apparently.

We miscarried about 2 years ago and only saw a sac, but no baby. It was a blighted ovum. Needless to say, this time around I was super nervous about what I'd see in our first ultrasound. When my husband and I went in, the doctor was having a really hard time finding anything so she called in the U/S tech to give it a try. I guess a transvaginal U/S doesn't work when you drink enough water for the abdominal U/S. Oops. But after dealing with that issue, we found our baby!

We went in at 8w4d, and found out our baby is really 7w4d (no bigs!). Heartbeat clocked at 144 bpm! It was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen! We were both so relieved, we cried. Can't wait to meet this kid!

I guess we're due August 24 or so. Can't wait for our next appointment. :smileyvery-happy:

How did your first visit go?
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Re: First ultrasound...where's the baby?

How did you miscarry ?
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Re: First ultrasound...where's the baby?

So happy for you!  Oh what a relief that must be!!  Congrats!

~ Christine ~
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Re: First ultrasound...where's the baby?

1st visit for me I went in at 5wks 4 days and we saw the sac but no baby. Yesterday I went in again for another ultra sound at 9wks and 6 days and we saw baby kicking and heard the heart beat. It was AMAZING!!!
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Re: First ultrasound...where's the baby?

I went to my first visit at 7 weeks, I had a papsmear done .. So the MD found some blood, and decided to send me to have a viability scan done, I went in at 7 weeks and 2 days, u heard the baby heart beat... And he was just there my little peewee!!!! 😍😍
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