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Couple of Questions

I didn't realize I could create a new post so here is a repeat of what I asked in another forum. First off does anyone have advice on morning sickness? It's not just in the morning - it's on and off all day :smileysad: I've been taking vitamin b6 which seems to help sometimes but not always. And I really don't want to take meds while I'm pregnant. Second was wondering cuz I was never sick with my son, and I'm horribly sick this pregnancy, does that mean odds are good it's a girl? Or not really cuz every pregnancy is different? Plus it was 11+ years ago so I'm a little older now.... Thanks in advance :smileyhappy:
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Re: Couple of Questions

This is my first pregnancy so I might not be the best advice giver :smileyhappy: but... I had all day sickness until about 12 weeks. Really the only thing that helped was eating saltines as soon as I had any hint of nausea, chewing ginger gum I got at Walgreens and finding a lot of good books to read to keep my mind off of it. I tried B6, tea and sea-bands w/ no avail. I've heard the sicker you are the more likely it's a girl but I doubt that's backed by any research :smileywink:.
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