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Hello everyone! 


I don't have many close friends who've had children, so the only sounding boards I have are my sisters (both younger) who have just had babies. Both of them had problem pregnancies, which is a pretty scary reference to have for myself - a first-timer. So, I'm glad to be here with folks who will understand and appreciate where I'm coming from. 


That said, I'm wondering if anyone else is having as much trouble as I am with making some of the immediate changes. I just found out I was pregnant about three weeks ago (I'm seven weeks now), and I immediately stopped drinking alcohol and smoking that occasional social cig. However, I'm finding caffiene to be the hardest thing to quit. I had been drinking coffee every day until lunch, and now I'm down to one small cup a day. That's not the problem -- soda seems to be calling to me. I'm drinking plenty of water, but also having trouble finding drink replacements that are healthy and enjoyable for me. Any suggestions? 



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Re: Caffiene

I never drank coffee, but I was drinking an energy drink with 260 mgs of caffeine almost daily! I was also drinking very occasionally and smoking.

I quit all of that immediately, and honestly I just started going to bed a lot earlier to compensate for the lack of caffeine that I was getting. I mean I am tired anyway.. so it took a few days to adjust, but I am fine without caffeine now! I keep Gatorade at my desk to sip on and I keep water in the fridge to drink too (it seems to be easier to drink really cold water rather than water out of a tap).
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Re: Caffiene

Try the crystal light mixes.  You will still be drinking water but it will taste much better!  They come in many different flavors, my favorite is the iced tea!  Good luck

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Re: Caffiene

I know this probably doesn't solve the caffeine issue, but I've been drinking mostly seltzer water. It helps me feel like I'm getting soda (apparently, I just love the fizz), AND it'd been really helpful with nausea.
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Re: Caffiene

Most sources I've found say up to 200mg of caffeine a day is ok. I wasn't drinking quite as much coffee, but I now have a cup of coffee in the morning and a soda at lunch.
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Re: Caffiene

try the soda stream it helps with my cravings and as long as its carbonated I enjoy it and so does the baby also I still have one every now in again but choose things like ginger ale or squirt and citus sodas thats tangy and every now in again my husband slips me a mini coke or a dr pepper
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Re: Caffiene

I've been drinking koolaid and Gatorade quite a bit. Water just doesn't sound good to me. Nor does much anything else for that matter.
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