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Brand New

Hi !


I'm due around August 6 but I haven't been to the doctor yet. This is my first experience and I am really pretty nervous. I can't read too much info online because I get paranoid about every symptom.. I thought joining this group might be good for me to connect with others having similar issues :smileyhappy:




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Re: Brand New

well welcome to the mommy club, im on my second pregnacy so if you have any quetions i can give you my experiences to try to help

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Re: Brand New


its my first pregnancy too and understand about internet and all the symptoms makes me even more nervous, but so hapy and excited :smileyhappy: good luck with your first scan



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Re: Brand New

this is my first also and I havent been to the doctor yet either. My boos are so sore, I would love to cut this off at this point. It is so bad that I already cant sleep at 5 weeks.OMG

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Re: Brand New

I'm on my first too! Due around the 14th. U/S on January 9.
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Re: Brand New

Yea congrats! I'm due August 16th. First appointment & U/S is January 9, as well!
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Re: Brand New

Hi I'm due on august 10th first time mommy 😊 super excited ultrasound on jan 9th too!!! Look forward to chatting with all you girls soon
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