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Back is killing me!

I'm a first time mom, due august 20. I had a miscarriage back in June and was only six weeks along then. My biggest issue right now is my back is killing me! It's hard to sleep it's so painful! It's my upper/middle back essentially where my boobs are but on my back. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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Re: Back is killing me!

I'm also due aug 20! And yes my back has been aching which I blame on my big boobs. But I have a bad back due to a couple of horrible car wrecks I've been in. And I broke my left leg in 3 places last march and now have a rod and 6 screws in my leg which I'm terrified is going to start hurting when I start gaining weight. I gained nearly 100lbs with my son - young and dumb - eating for two. Lol. Ya right! I've been stretching a lot which seems to help :smileyhappy:
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Re: Back is killing me!

pretty sure you are having heartburn. i too get the same back pain when i have heartburn i started takeing two tums before bed and made a little ramp of pillows under me so i slept at a slight angle this will help now and later when sleeping will hurt yoir lower on my second pregnancy and have already started to ramp myself up and have been sleeping great, hope this helps you.

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Re: Back is killing me!

When my back was hurting i use a heating pad my due date aug 17
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