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Anyone else feeling some strong movement at this time? I'm 17 wks and 5 days and I've been feeling some very strong little bumps and thumps in there. And no they are not gas bubbles. This is my first. I was told they would be barely noticeable this early but mine are all fairly strong.
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Re: movement

Me feeling strong movements too. I was standing and talking to my colleague and suddenly feeling strong moves. Those are so strong that i got scared and came back to my cube and sat :smileyhappy:. This pregnancy is making me scary for small small things. I was so relaxed for my first baby.

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Re: movement

My baby moves like theres no tomorrow in there. I've been feeling butterflies since i was 14 weeks and recently started feeling a lot harder bumps and thumps in there, im 20 weeks today and its a non stop playground in there. Makes me wonder whats going through its mind; apperantly not sleep.

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Re: movement

I'm 19 weeks, this is my third pregnancy. My little man is in there moving around like crazy. I don't feel him all the time but there's like four or five times a day that he gets really active and I'll feel definite bumps over and over until he settles down again. Even with this being my third pregnancy it still is so shocking and amazing every time he moves. I love it. Plus it helps to reassure that he's okay in there in between doc appointments.

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Re: movement

I'm 24 wks today and I'm the happiest person. My husband today felt the baby kick for the first time. :heart:

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Re: movement

I've been feeling movement for a while now cant wait till my two sons can feel little brother moving my youngest will talk to him already and my husband gets mad cause he cant feel him moving yet.. lol

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Re: movement

I'm 25 weeks 2moro and my little boy hasn't stopped moving but the last couple of days he has been quite quiet not sure if he has now sorted his own sleeping and waking pattern has anyone else experienced this
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