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boy or girl?

I've always heard about all these myths on gender predicting but I'm still confused. It doesnt matter what the baby is but I still get curious I'm only 12 weeks going on 13 with my second child. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had so much heart burn and I couldn't eat anything because everything was eww to me and I wouldn't get cravings and my face looked wonderful. With this pregnancy I haven't had heart burn and I crave sour and spicy foods and I break out every day. My husband says he feels its a boy and he guessed right for our daughter lol. So I would like to hear from you guys what to you think? Boy or girl?
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Re: boy or girl?

It sounds like it might be a boy.


I recently found out I'm having a boy. I had no morning sickness, cravings for salty things (chips), i have broken out, and no heart burn.


but i think it veries from pregnany to pregnancy no everyone is the same. My cousin had a boy and had mornign sickness till the very day she gave birth adn she wanted sweets.


hopefully in your next ultrasound you might see the sex of the baby.

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Re: boy or girl?

I'm convinced this baby is a boy. With my girls I had no acne whatsoever and now I'm super broken out, and I haven't been puking my guts up this time at all. I've only thrown up 6 times this whole pregnancy compared to every single day until 20 weeks and off and on until 28 with my last. Also I've been losing weight instead of gaining this time which is weird. 


I've already started making boy stuff. If it's another girl I'm going to go crazy.

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Re: boy or girl?

I had my ultrasound 2 last Thursday. I was in 19wks 3days by the time i had it. I found out the gender and its girl again! Everybody said its going to be boy ....even chinese calendar said its boy.  Wondering how accurate this ultrasound is? For me, that image was not very clear as the technician didn't get good position. But she was confident after trying many times. Is there a chance that i will have boy this time? . 

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Re: boy or girl?

Finding out in 6 days what we are having. I haven't had any sickness at all, I've gained only 1lb in a month, I am breaking out badly, and it's in general been an easy pregnancy apart from occasional headaches
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Re: boy or girl?

Prathapanis it's possible for an ultrasound to be wrong but at this stage they usually aren't. It's harder for us to see a girls parts but they're pretty well trained to know what they're looking for. When they showed me my daughters parts with my second pregnancy I had no idea in the world how three lines could tell them it was a girl. It's easier to see a boys for those of us with the untrained eye lol.


I was convinced that I was going to have a girl this time. I've was right about my other two and I thought I was going to be about this one as well. With my son I craved spicy food like crazy and I normally hate them. With my daughter I craved everything sweet. With my first pregnancy with my son I only had two weeks of morning sickness and pretty much sailed through the rest of my pregnancy. I felt like I lived in hell with my second pregnancy with my daughter. I was sick the ENTIRE time I was pregnant day and night. I had acne for the first time since being a teenager. It was a pretty stressfull pregnancy. With this third one I started craving spicy foods at first so I was leaning towards it being a boy but then I started getting sick non stop (I still do) and I got acne again and its been a pretty hard pregnancy so I was completely convinced that I was having another girl. When the ultrasound tech said boy I was honestly surprised. The Chinese gender predictor was right about my first two but it said that this one was going to be a girl.

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Re: boy or girl?

Thanks for the info @ccwsmom. For my first daughter, I had sweet cravings and only had few weeks morning sickenss. This time i am having cravings for spicy food and also had morning sickness until 5th month. So i thought it is boy this time :smileyhappy:. But looks like each pregnancy is different and it all doesn't depend on gender..


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