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bleeding during pregnancy

This is my first pregnancy and I have been bleeding on and off for a couple of weeks now but every doctor that I have talked to said that its ok as long as the blood isn't bright red or have clots. I know I shouldn't stress over it but still do.does anyone deal with this?
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Re: bleeding during pregnancy

I haven't had it with any of my pregnancies but one of my best friends had a little bleeding every month for her entire pregnancy and her baby turned out 100% healthy. One of my favorite pregnancy books is The Girlfriends Guide to Pegnancy, it's a really great book and unlike most pregnancy books it's really funny. I suggest it so strongly to every new  mommy to be. It goes through all of the things you're experiencing and more and makes you realize you're not alone in all the craziness. I was just re-reading it and was just reading about how some people just bleed a little while pregnant that as long as it doesn't have clots or is bright red that it's fine, just like you said. I know it's so hard not to worry but I would trust the docs that you're okay and it will probably stop soon.

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Re: bleeding during pregnancy

I'm also experiencing spotting every month and my baby is fine.
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Re: bleeding during pregnancy

I have had pink spotting (sometimes heavier than other times) for almost a week now. I freaked out, it was so scary when I first saw it. But, I had a doctors appointment and earlier ultrasound on Monday to make sure all was good, and it was - I saw the baby's heart beat and all measurements were normal!!! :-) I know how scary it is, but our bodies are going through so many changes right now! Think positive, and as I read on another board, "don't borrow grief." It is no good for us or our babies to be stressed and worried about something we have such little (if any) control over.
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Re: bleeding during pregnancy

I've had two lots of brown spotting now which has stressed me out no end, but I've had the heartbeat scan and all is ok. The doc says sometimes its just your cervix stretching and growing. Had not to worry but not much else I can do except ask for another scan! Just want the 12 week mark to hurry up and arrive!
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Re: bleeding during pregnancy

I ended up having a subchorinic hemorrhage for this pregnancy, that of course was freak out time, but in talking to my dr, normal spotting is fine and some women actually still have a regular period during pregnancy, that just blew my mind! I talked to a few friends of mine and two women had bleeding like a light period, they never worried but they were really dissapointed in still having to buy pads.
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Re: bleeding during pregnancy

Hello! At around 10 weeks I had bright red spotting for about a day and half (over the weekend of course).  I called my doc and he put me on bed rest until I could go in to see him on Monday.  By Monday it had just become light spotting and brown.  When I went in the doc informed me that I have placenta previa (it where the baby is resting too close and/or on the cervix). The only restrictions I had, is no relations with the hubby and I had to deal with the light brown spotting daily.  Luckly the babies are just fine! Plus now that I'm at 14 weeks they have now moved up and I no longer have to deal with the side effects.  I understand that bleeding at any stage is scary, but don't let all the horror stories freak you out!  Sometimes it's just how your body copes!  :smileyhappy:


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