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Re: Symptoms?

Yes, in my 5th and 6th weeks I experienced a lot of cramping. As long as you aren't bleeding you should be fine! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Symptoms?

I've started gagging over EVERYTHING. I had this with my second kid but it started early and since I'm already 11 weeks I though I lucked out and skipped it with this one. I guess not. Everything I smell makes me sick, even stuff that doesn't smell bad. It's getting absurd. I also have a cold so that's not helping with the gagging. I eat something and then two minutes later will start gagging over something and throw up what I've eaten. My son got a bloody nose at preschool today and I was there trying to wipe the blood off of him and of course the smell of the blood got into my nose and I was standing there in front of his teachers praying I didn't throw up. I hate this it's so annoying it lasted during my entire pregnancy with my second child I really really hope it doesn't laste that long with this one. I have to carry water around with me everywhere and just talking to much triggers my gag reflex. :smileyfrustrated:

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