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Re: Symptoms?

I have nauseous through out the day, But I was in a bad wreck so doctors watch me but they say its normal and Im weak and tired lately.
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Re: Symptoms?

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I had morning sickness ALL day long for about two weeks but that seems to have let up (thankfully). I'm tired all the time but that could be due to the fact that I've also got two kids five and under already lol. This one hasn't been as bad as my second one so far so I'm wishing it will stay that way. I've cramped lightly off and on and my doc said it was from my uterus growing. I remember having the same thing with my other two and both those turned out fine. Good luck everyone :smileyhappy:

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Re: Symptoms?

So far this pregnancy, I started morning sickness/ puking and taking meds at 4 1/2 weeks, and now at 8 1/2 weeks it is definite all day sickness and worst at night, also GERD is already starting back up (boo), RLS, and with how close my babies are going to be, odds are pretty good that I will have some pelvic problems this pregnancy since my pelvis still wasn't 100% recovered from DD2's birth. I have had days it is so bad sometimes that I could hardly walk at the end of the day. However I've found some exercises that help with it and I'm hoping if I continue those, since in the past I've carried very high and have had a ridiculously strong pelvic floor, that I'll be able to heal it 100% before I get further along. Definitely busting out the pregnancy girdle I was too lazy to wear with DD2 for this one!


Oh and I have DR as the result of my last pregnancy (I could fit 4 fingers in there at one point lol) that I reduced to 1 cm in the last couple months. So I already looked pregnant to start off, lol.

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Re: Symptoms?

Hi everyone! I'm at 7w/4 days...first baby....I've had cramping for a while now, only mild and not all the time. So glad to hear that others are also experiencing it. I'm also SUPER moody/cranky. Have no patience, especially with my husband. Seems like I'm always annoyed with him. Plus, he has an almost 9yo daughter with his ex and is now starting to compare my pregnancy to hers. Saying that she never had any moodiness...which just makes me even more annoyed.  Hoping that this moodiness goes away soon!!! For the sake of my marriage :smileysad:

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Re: Symptoms?

I'm about 9 weeks and called my doc about mild, constant cramping today.  They say it's normal, as long as there's no spotting, but that it could mean dehydration or UTI.

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Re: Symptoms?

I had cramping in weeks 5 and 6 but it is minimal now (week 7). the only symptoms I have are morning sickness and temperature. I am nauseous 24 hours a day. I have tried all usual stuff (crackers, crackers before getting out of bed, ginger ale, club soda....) does anyone have something that works???
also, I can't regulate my temperature. Im only at about 98.5 in the thermometer but I'm sweating hot all the time. even when I'm in an air conditioned building I can be shivering but still sweating. is this normal ? the great seems to make me more nauseous so I've tried cold shower, drinking lots of water, etc. and no luck....
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Re: Symptoms?

I am right at about 9wks. I had the cramping from about 4wks off and on till now. My breast are extremely sore. I get really bad sick when i when i have my morning sickness. I get headaches, tingling, and can't keep anything down. This is my third pregnancy and I wasnt really sick with either of my boys. Drs said its just a really bad case of morning sickness.


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