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Showing already

So I have diastasis recti from my last kids (at it's worst you could put four fingers in my stomach all the way up to your middle knuckles when I engaged my abs) and I did a lot of work closing them, a large part of which involves going around consciously making sure that I'm always envisioning zipping my middle back together and engaging my trans abs as much as possible. Now that I'm almost 11 weeks, I decided to see what would happen if I just let things relax and it is a very definite bump. Like the same size as when I was 24 weeks pregnant with my second, lol. At what point do you just let it hang out? I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it to be super obvious.


I guess on the plus side I won't have to go through the is she fat or is she pregnant stage.

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Re: Showing already

I'm 11 weeks and have a faint bump. I let it bump away when I'm at home in my comfort zone, however when I'm out I suck it in, hahah I cant bring myself to buy maternity clothes yet. With my first kid I let the bump be known around 7 months. I ironicly was 9 months pregnant in january years ago but some man hit on me and when I told him I was pregnant he stared at me until I said" did you think I was just fat? " mans face turned beet red and I got the best laugh.
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Re: Showing already

I am only 8 weeks and showing already too :smileysad:  How is it possible that something the size of a dime is causing me to look this bloated? :smileywink:  Third time is the charm...

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Re: Showing already

me as well. Im only 10 weeks and have gained about 7 or 8 lbs:smileysad: cravings are ridiculous and having insomnia now

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Re: Showing already

pinkham_melissa i know exactly how you feel. the cravings are crazy and worse i dont know about you ladys but when i'm hungry i get nauseaus. ive gained 9 lbs and i'm starting to show :smileyhappy: i love my little bump

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Re: Showing already

The baby may be really small at this stage but your uterus is the size of a grapefruit so that's why some people might be starting to show. I'm not the tinest person so I'm not really showing yet but if I even slightly push on my stomach I can feel my bump very distinctly.

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Re: Showing already

Oh this is most definitely a bump. I've only gained like 1 lb and I'm huge already. I had to wear a maternity dress to church today lol. And my regular t-shirts don't cover the bottom of my tummy anymore bwahaha...


(Just FYI diastasis recti is when your abdominal wall seperates into two halves, so now that there is no actual solid wall to hold things in, any extra pressure will push everything out)


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