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Pregnancy Brain

I was just wondering if anyone has started experiencing pregnancy brain yet. I swear it's starting for me a lot sooner with this one than it did with my other two. I'm constantly forgetting everything. Last week I walked out of the house twice without my daughters diaper bag. Two days ago I put my daughter in her carseat and only buckled the bottom part of her harness. I started to drive away and she started screaming that she wasn't buckled all the way. I walk into rooms all the time and forget what I went in them for and I'll start telling someone something and completely forget what I'm saying. I'm starting to get scared for me and the people around me LOL and I still have a ways to go.

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Re: Pregnancy Brain

Oh yes def pregnancy brain here. I'm forgetting everything. I start think of something, stand up and start walkking and half way there i stop and say "what was going to do?". my husband thinks i'm going crazy  lol.

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Re: Pregnancy Brain

I heard about it but now that i am experiencing it, it's so bad beside the forgetfulness sometimes I feel like duh...spaced out lol

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