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Re: First Trimester Screen/ Ultrascreen

that"s great that your test went well :womanhappy: i'm sorry to hear about your cat.

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Re: First Trimester Screen/ Ultrascreen

I hope that this doesn't come off the wrong way, because this is a genuine question.  This is my first pregnancy and we've decided to not take any of these screening tests.  From my understanding, unless you are going to terminate the pregnancy, there really isn't anything you can do to change the state of the baby, so why even go through the worry of taking these tests?  It just seems like it would cause a lot of extra stress about something you can't change.  I've read that a lot of people take these tests so I feel like I must be missing something.  Why have you guys chosen to take them?

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Re: First Trimester Screen/ Ultrascreen

lilygirl that's pretty much why I decided not to take the extra screenings. But I know lots of moms who have taken them since they would want to be prepared if their baby is higher risk.


I don't think you have to feel like you're missing out on anything. The ultra screens they need to use for the diagnostic tests are much more expensive than the regular u/s, which is another reason we won't be doing it. The bill for us through our hospital system would be at least $1800 for the test and since we are on a high deductible plan would have to pay every penny of it.

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Re: First Trimester Screen/ Ultrascreen

Thanks greeneyes. Lilygirl, I didn't take the test with my first two kids. With this one my doctor suggested that I have it so I took it. My insurance pays for all of it but $58 so that wasn't that bad. I would still have my child no matter what the results say but sometimes it's good to be prepared. Because I'm high risk I had a level 2 ultrasound done with my son and they told me that they thought he might have a slight cleft lip. They brought me back for four different ultrasounds to try and be sure but they ended up with saying that they thought it was just a shadow from the cord. They even did 3d ultrasounds because of this. My son ended up being born with a slight cleft lip and it was a little bit of a shock when he came out and the nurse said "oh, he has a little cleft lip." It would have been a lot more of a shock had I not had those ultrasounds. Sometimes these tests reveal problems that will require additional doctors to be in the room to help with conditions so in my opinion I would rather be prepared for what might come. Some of the test are expensive though so unless my doctor really, really pushed them if I didn't have insurance that covered them I probably would choose to pass them up. My doctor told me she would really like me to have this test done though so with the risks I already have I will do pretty much anything she tells me to.
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