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Favorite Pregnancy Books

Due to another post on here I was just thinking about my favorite pregnancy book and got to wondering what other's might be. I thought we could all post what our favorite pregnancy books have been and maybe some of us moms of mulitple kids can help suggest some great books to first time mommies to be. I really liked What to Expect When You're Expecting but my absolute favorite pregnancy book is The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Lovine. It's not one of the stuffy all about health pregnancy books. It's a book full of humor and lets you see that all the crazy thoughts and things that you are experience have been experienced before. I can not recommend this book enough. Everytime any family member or friend gets pregnant I rush out and buy this book for them or lend them mine.

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Re: Favorite Pregnancy Books

I did hypnobabies with my second and highly recommend the home study course for anyone who wants to do a homebirth/ birth without using anesthesia. It worked really really well and even has a diet to follow, small exercise program, etc.


What to expect when you're expecting is one of the books they recommend NOT reading if you are really impressionable, and I actually believe it. My first pregnancy I had everything bad happen, my second I just sort of stuck my head in the clouds and ignored everyone about how miserable things are and had a super easy pregnancy, LOL.


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