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Dizzy with a headache?

I am 9 weeks today (: YAY! All though I have bad nausea , I also have HORRIBLE headaches follwed with dizziness, But was In a car wreck that was bad and in the hospital for a while my doctor says it may be from that but do any of you have the headache and dizzy?

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Re: Dizzy with a headache?

I've gotten dizzy a few times but no headache's so far. I hope you start feeling better.

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Re: Dizzy with a headache?

I had that with my first pregnancy.  My doctor said it was my body adjusting to the hormones.  He also said to make sure I was drinking plenty of water so I didn't get dehydrated since that can also cause dizziness and headaches.

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Re: Dizzy with a headache?

I hate to having a dizziness during pregnancy bit which its really worse for me have a vertigo (dizziness problem). I had bad dizziness in 4 to 6 weeks and now I am 8 weeks and 4days and it gettings better but it will come back again for temportary but I had worse in last 2007 with my first child ans been went to er lot of time because not eat and kept vomited so right now I'm pregnant with second and seem get it better and used it to.
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