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Baby Shower

I have a question for the experienced moms. Who usually plans the baby shower is it the me or is it the family or friends? Is it customary for the quest to pay?

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Re: Baby Shower

My family and also a friend hosted both of mine. Both times the host(s) paid for stuff.
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Re: Baby Shower

Thank you Cassie.

ive been to baby showers where ive had to pay by meal. but i dont want to do that.  i think that it would make me feel uncomfortable asking people to pay.

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Re: Baby Shower

For my first baby my older sister threw my shower and for my second baby my younger sister threw my shower. They each threw in money on both showers.

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Re: Baby Shower

Now a days times are hard! My first my mom threw my shower and paid for everything.
Second I threw a daddy shower for my hubby and I paid for everything.
third baby shower I'm not really into it being my third so thinking of buying what I need instead of spending money on a party.
But heard rumors of my hubby planning this one :smileyhappy:
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