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Re: Anatomy Scan - How did it go?

Our baby had the eyes open! I thought the same thing as you - that it didn't happen until much later. Everything else was so amazing, but the eyes open honestly freaked me out! (Not my husband though - he thought it was so cool.) Since the anatomy scan, baby has Ben moving a lot more and my husband was even able to feel movement for the first time this week! (22 weeks) Hope everyone is feeling well! :-)
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Re: Anatomy Scan - How did it go?

i had my anatomy scan done 2 wks ago. it was a beautiful experience. I think that to me the most amazing thing was to see the baby heart. I'm still in aww to think that we are given the opportunity to carry something so precious inside of us that moves, breathes, has a heart beat ect. i"m in love with my little man :heart:


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Re: Anatomy Scan - How did it go?

It's good when they r active, but being too active can be a problem especially at an ultrasound. I had to get a fetal echo as he wouldn't give the technician the time of day to get his heart.
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