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Students With Down Syndrome Named Homecoming Queens: Go, Mariah and Co!

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Friday night, Mariah Slick was crowned Homecoming Queen at Azle High School in Azle, Texas. This is news because Mariah has Down syndrome, and is the first homecoming queen at her school with DS to hold that honor. Way to kick off Down Syndrome Awareness Month, which started October 1.

Mariah is in excellent company.

The week before, high school senior Emily Niedrich—who has Down syndrome—snagged the homecoming queen title at Birch Run High School in Michigan. Earlier in the month, students at Western Alamance High School in North Carolina voted senior Abbey Martin to be the school’s 50th homecoming queen. She also has Down syndrome. So does Sydney Bloom, the 2011 Homecoming Queen of Tarkington High School in Liberty County, Texas,

And at the beginning of September, Madi Sonju (above) become the 2011 Homecoming Queen at Deseret Hills High School in Utah. Her twin, Macey, the previous year’s queen, placed  the tiara on her head. Both sisters have Down syndrome.

This kind of news revs your heart and gives you a whole lot of hope for your child with special needs. And you know what would be even more amazing? When the day comes that homecoming queens with Down syndrome no longer get lauded for winning in spite of their special needs. And when people do not refer to a win as an act of “kindess,” as one school principal put it.

Someday, hopefully, young women with Down syndrome or other special nominated needs to the homecoming court would be a totally typical occurrence—no more worthy of a national headline than any other popular, charming, pretty girl who becomes homecoming queen.


Photo/My Cup Of Koolaid

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