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9 Top Truths About Motherhood, From Scary Mommy

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

The wonderful Jill Smokler, of Scary Mommy fame, has a super-funny new book out on April 9: Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies). Amongst the untruths she so bravely (and relatably!) reveals: Having kids keeps you young, the parent is in charge, going from two to three kids is a breeze, and pets make children more responsible.

Jill and her inspiration

Out of curiosity, I asked Jill to share some of her top truths about motherhood. What she had to say:

1) You will inevitably turn into your mother, at least in some way, shape or form. And usually not the way you would choose.

2) The one day you forget to check the pockets before doing laundry will be the day your child stuffs them with crayons or Play-doh.

3) Bunk beds are evil torture devices.

4) You will be forever changed: bladder, mind and soul.

5) Your young child will be happier with the box the new toy came in than the toy itself. Especially if you were really excited to see him or her opening it.

6) You will dream of the day you can drop your child—without tears—off at daycare or school, and then sob when he or she goes off without a fuss.

7) Kids pick up on much more than you expect them to, especially if you happen to quietly curse.

8) You will always regret buying toys at the Dollar Store.

9) There is no perfect mother, anywhere, ever.

Couldn’t agree more! To enter to win one of five $1000 prize packs to celebrate Jill’s book launch, click here.

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