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A Bus Driver Tapes The Mouth Of A Girl With Special Needs: Authorities, Are You Looking Out For Our Kids?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

A bus driver duct-taped the mouth of a girl with special needs: horrific, right? On various other occasions, according to a lawsuit, driver Marjorie Jones also pulled the girl’s hair, slapped her, and shoved snow in her face. Angelina Kio, 7 at the time, took the school bus daily in Queensbury, New York. She is reportedly unable to speak and has cognitive impairment; the abuse triggered emotional outbursts, the suit claimed.

Here’s what’s also horrifying: This bus had a video camera. The alleged abuse could have been caught earlier on if authorities had properly monitored the surveillance.

Obviously, they didn’t.

This week, a judge sentenced Jones, 63, to three years of probation and 100 hours of community service. In court, Jones said “I am sorry for what I did. It was a playful thing.”

Awful. Mind-boggling. And extremely unnerving, if you have a kid with special needs.

Just this past week, I got a call that the same bus driver and aide who been transporting my son to school for the past several years will be driving him for his summer session, and I was extremely relieved. They are good, responsible people, even though we had an incident this year where I found out the aide had been strapping my son into his seat incorrectly, forcing his legs to cramp up so that he was limping when he got off the bus. And yet, I know that in the scheme of things, we are lucky to have them.

I’ve written here about the neglect of children with special needs on school buses, instances in which children were accidentally left on sweltering hot buses by their drivers. I’ve written sbout abuse of children in classrooms and the hot-sauce incident, and wondered whether video cameras might help.

So it is seriously troubling to read about an incident in which there was a video camera. And nobody seemed to have been paying attention to what it captured.

Video cameras are a good idea for buses that transport any kids, special needs on not, as it could help also ward off bullying and other kid-on-kid abuse. When I Googled around, it seemed like a growing number of school districts are installing them. In the Granite School District in Utah, for one, the board recently voted to install $58,000 worth of cameras in its bus fleet. This follows an incident last year when a teen with special needs fell out of the back of a bus traveling down a freeway.

More video cameras on buses is a good thing; their presence could keep both bus drivers and kids on their best behavior. In the end, though, they won’t be effective if the footage is not systemtically reviewed. School districts and bus companies need to get together and come up with firm plans for monitoring the monitors. Laws should hold them responsible for that.

I hope it doesn’t take a serious tragedy for increased enforcement. It’s tragic enough that any children, particularly more defenseless ones, are being abused by the very people charged with being responsible for their safety.


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