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What’s Your Child’s Special Needs Superpower?

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Fox has a TV series coming out in March, Touch, about a boy with autism who is able to predict events before they happen. I like it in concept because it’s a TV program about a kid with special needs, which isn’t very common (understatement alert). I don’t like it concept because I’m concerned it’s going to take the focus away from the amazing reality of our kids—something many people still don’t get. And, count on it, some people are going to think kids with autism actually can do this, feeding into the stereotype of savant abilities.

Here’s the trailer:

I haven’t seen the show yet; hopefully, it will show real-life positives about kids with autism. Too many people view our kids as tragedies—children to feel sorry for, and to pity. But as their parents, we know: Our kids have special powers. Not the fantastical kind, like the stuff TV shows and sci-fi books are made of. The kind that enable them to surpass their challenges and make their way in this world.

One of my son’s superpowers is his charm. He has the most amazing ability to win over everyone he meets, even grumpy people. His superpower has made his therapists work extra hard (and even overtime) to help him. It’s gotten his teachers to go the extra mile. It’s made me one very grateful mom. His other superpower is his determination, his willingness to try, try, try again, no matter how hard a task is for him.

What are your child’s superpowers?

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