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Video: A Boy With Cerebral Palsy Does Triathlons With His Brother’s Help

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Cayden Long, 6, has cerebral palsy. His older brother, Conner, 9, decided that shouldn’t stop him from doing triathlons. So he decided to take him along for the ride. When he does the 100-meter swim, he tows Cayden behind on a raft. When he’s on a bike ride, he pulls him in a cart or pushes it when he’s on a run.

Conner pulls Cayden in the 100m swim

The two, who live in White House, Tennessee, are known as Team Long Brothers. They’ve done several triathlons together—including last week’s New England Kids Triathlon. ”I didn’t want Cayde to be left out on the sidelines,” Conner says in this video.

I was bowled over. My daughter thinks it’s an effort to go upstairs to fetch something for her brother, Max, who also has cerebral palsy. I showed her the video.

Sabrina’s heartfelt reaction:

“How long was that video?”


“Sabrina,” I asked, “what did the video show you?”

“That he pushed his brother,” she said.

“And what do you think it tells you about brothers and sisters should treat each other?”

“They should be nice,” she said, reluctantly. And then “But Max be’s mean to me sometimes!”

“That’s normal for siblings to fight,” I said. “But it’s good for them to help each other, too. Would you push Max in a race?”

“Maybe,” she said, and we left it at that.

It’s a conversation that will continue for many years to come.


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