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Bike Camps For Kids Disabilities

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

I’ve been reading about bike programs that teach kids with disabilities to ride two-wheel bikes. Fun Coast Down Syndrome Association’s Balance Bike Camp recently took place in Palm Coast, Florida; a second camp is coming up in August for older kids (email for more info). Some local branches of the Down Syndrome Association around the country offer similar camps; Google your area.

Over in Hoboken, New Jersey (my old stomping grounds), The Hoboken Familiy Alliance is hosting the fourth annual Hoboken Bike Camp from July 7 to July 11 for kids ages 8 and up (the cost is $150, and spots are still open). It’s staffed with professionals from iCanBike, part of the national non-profit iCanShine. For the first few days, kids ride on iCanBike gear; once they can do it independently, they’re switched over to their own bikes.

“The camp is an amazing experience that helps benefit the riders, their families and the dozens of volunteers who work closely with participants to achieve this milestone,” says Theresa Howard, director of Children With Special Needs, Hoboken Family Alliance. “For so many families, this little feat that comes naturally for typically developing children is unattainable. When the kids learn to ride, their faces literally beam with excitement and confidence. Even months after the camp is over, we get emails from parents about how much bike riding has done for their families and their child’s social and emotional development.”

Check iCanBike’s map to see if there is a location near you. And note, bike programs are not always limited to summertime; the Society for Disabilities in Modesto, California has an Adapted Bike Camp in the spring.

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Image courtesy of Hoboken Family Alliance

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