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Tyler Perry Donates Van To Woman With Cerebral Palsy: Justice And Injustice In The World Of Special Needs

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

I read the update last week: A judge sentenced that Ohio father caught mimicking a girl with cerebral palsy to 29 days in jail. It was a somewhat satisfying ending to a troubling story that made the news earlier in the fall. The man—William Bailey—was caught doing an exaggerated limp in the sight of 10-year-old neighbor Hope Holcomb, who has CP. The two families had been feuding, although what would make a grown man do something like this is hard to imagine.

If you checked my blood pressure before and after I read the headlines that pop up in my inbox daily, it would surely soar at times. There is no shortage of stories of people doing outrageous things to kids and adults with special needs, sadly. You feel outraged for the victims. You wonder why, why, WHY. You worry about your own child, and who will be there to protect him when you are not around.

But then, happily, there are the stories that give you hope. Like the one I read today. Last Sunday, someone stole the specially-equipped van of a 24-year-old with cerebral palsy in DeKalb, Georgia. [Blood pressure rising.] Alicia Day, who is in a wheelchair, told a reporter that she had no idea how she’d get around to doctor’s appointments or to her gig as a greeter at Home Depot. Media mogul Tyler Perry heard the story, called, and offered to get Alicia a brand new van, to the tune of $60,000. Home Depot is also pitching in. Hopefully the cops will still find the van thief, especially now that the news has spread. [Blood pressure going down.]

And that’s the way it goes. The jerks of this world are going to right on doing their jerk-y stuff; you just hope the heroes and justice will prevail.

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