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Hello, it’s nice to meet you! I’m mom to Max, 10, and Sabrina, 8. Max is an awesome kid who happens to have cerebral palsy; Sabrina is an awesome kid who happens to have an attitude. My husband, Dave, is a computer consultant. We live in a 1920s colonial house in a super-friendly neighborhood with lots of families and good ice cream nearby (favorite flavor: butter pecan). By day, I’m a magazine editor; by night, I blog, which sounds like the premise for a bad sitcom. I am also a Girl Scout troop leader. In my so-called spare time I enjoy biking, seeing indie films, gardening, reading the latest book-club pick, planning family trips and/or fantasizing about them, and taking deep, restorative breaths.

To The Max is a blog about raising kids with special needs and special powers. I write about the highs and lows of parenting, and share relevant disability news, videos, and good stuff that catches my eye, like the trend of girls with special needs being crowned prom queens. I don’t shy away from controversial posts. My goal is to both inform and inspire conversation, and to get people who do not have kids with special needs to better understand them and see the ability in their disabilities. I post twice a week, and the wonderful Lisa Quinones-Fontanez, mom to a son with autism, writes once weekly.

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More About Me

I have held senior positions at Glamour, SELF, Redbook, and Good Housekeeping magazines. YM, too (remember that)? I have been a Babble Top 100 Mom Blogger for three years, and I was honored by BlogHer’s Voices of the Year for this post and this video. My proudest honor: Being mom to two awesome kids.