Top 20 Favorite Summer Pleasures

With the arrival of August, I’m realizing I have about one month left of real summer—and I’m squeezing in as much as I can. For me, it’s not about vacation; there’s only so much time I can take off work, after all. It’s about the season’s small, everyday pleasures. My favorites:

 Watching fireflies. Magical no matter how many times you see them.

Water balloon wars with the kids.

• Riding down a highway with the sunroof open and Springsteen blasting [or insert music of your choice].

Watching the kids eating ice-cream cones. Actually, watching any kids eating ice-cream cones.

 Slipping into a crisp white t-shirt and navy shorts or pants. This combo always makes me feel like I’m about to jump onto a yacht.

A glass of iced tea with lemon. Sweet, please. Sitting at the kitchen table with some magazines and nobody in the house but me, please.

• Feeling all cozy under the sheets on a hot night, with the a.c. on full blast.

 Not having to dress the kids in a million layers before they go outside. It’s been about five months since winter and I’m still appreciating that.

• That shower you take after you’ve been at the beach all day.

 A favorite pair of sandals. Mine: an ancient pair of tan Birkenstocks that my husband thinks are the world’s least sexy shoes. Could be, but OMG, they’re comfy.

Hydrangeas in bloom. We only got one this year—that cold streak did a number on the bushes—but it was one beautiful bloom.

Picking blueberries or strawberries with the kids, then making jam or dessert.

 Ten perfectly polished pink toes.

 A Sunday afternoon barbecue with friends.

 Reading under the stars. Our family recently did this for the first time, and everyone loved it. Just grab the kids, a blanket, books, snacks and flashlights, head out at dusk, enjoy.

Fresh fruit salad. Made by you and the kids with a melon ball scooper, one of those no-tech gadgets that’s always fun.

Boardwalks. Any kind, anyplace.

The scent of just-cut grass.

Date night with your partner at an outdoor cafe.

Watching your kids enjoy rides at the fair, carnival, amusement park or wherever there are rides to be had.

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Image of child eating ice-cream via Shutterstock. Other photos, Flickr. Iced tea: Cheryl Vanstane; hydrangea: Chris Gladis; fruit basket: debbilytle

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