The No. 1 Thing Moms Want For Mother’s Day (Get Psyched, Dads)

Breakfast in bed, flowers, chocolate and handmade cards and creations are nice and all, but what do mothers really want for Mother’s Day? I threw out the question on Twitter and Facebook and got dozens of response from moms; here, their candid truths. Most gifts don’t even cost a cent—get excited, Dads! A not-even-hinting hint about the #1 request: We moms could really, really use a nap. And coming in a close second: Love ya but, we’d kind of like to be alone.

The gifts moms really want for Mother’s Day

“Someone to do the dishes without having to be asked first.”—Chrisa H.

“SLEEP!”—Rosie R.

“A photo book—I love having a picture of my ladies all in one place, but rarely find the time to complete a book.”—@kwbuzzard

“For both my kids to wipe themselves and wash their hands when using the bathroom without my having to nag them.”—Kris-Ann R.

“A day to myself. Actually, I’d settle for a few hours. Then I’d sleep in, take a hot bath, read a book and nap.”—Marj H.

“I want someone else to change the bags in our trash cans from now on. Please and thank you.”—Eva N.

“I told my husband this is what I want—clean the house on Saturday and let me relax, clean my car out and vacuum it etc. Keep house clean on Sunday. I don’t need money spent on me. I’d also love a weekend away.”—Stacy B.

“A massage, pedicure, and a nap!”—Sara M.

“I want a nap and a chaos-free bedtime. Bonus round: no dishes, ER visits, bloodshed or tantrums.”—Sarah W.

“Eight continuous hours of sleep!”—Lauren A.

“Appreciation! Just a nice thank you from my husband for all I do.”—Elizabeth B.

“Time alone to look for sea glass at the beach.”—Allison M.

“No Kitchen day.”—@Mollymother

“For my stepchildren to know I love them in the same way I love my biological children….”—Heather Q.

“Time all to myself to eat a full meal, watch a full episode of anything and not have to do bedtime.”—Rebekah M.

“A night at a fancy hotel by myself. I would watch bad movies, order room service and sleep a loooonnng time.”—Melissa M.

“Just one day where I don’t have to lift a finger!”—@Tere

“To spent time with my own mom—just the two of us—walking around the mall and having coffee and a pastry, talking—the way we used to before I was a mom and too busy all the time.”—Jenny S.

“A personal nanny for 24 hours so I can still be around my son, but just marvel at him while sipping whine with my feet up up while the nanny does the heavy lifting and wrangling.”—Kim T.

“A day left alone! I want to sleep in, eat my breakfast hot and in bed, lay around watching Netflix and reading and not talk to any one!”—Bethany L.

“A day to myself, at the spa. Sorry…is that selfish? Maybe phrase it as a day to reflect quietly on all of my blessings.”—Anni G.

“A whole day of my kids not fighting.”—Jennifer D.

“To feel like more than somebody’s mother.”—@SherriPizza

“A day off. To do whatever I want. Probably sleep and eat using cutlery with two hands.”—Tara H.

“A clean house, but I never get that gift. My mom used to ask for it and we scoffed—now I understand why she always asked for it!”—Nancy W.

After someone has already cleaned my home…I want a day ALONE…in my OWN HOME…to do whatever I want…phone unplugged…everyone including the animals out of the home…doing NOTHING for anyone else…did I mention ALONE?!  ~ Kellie B.

“I just want to sleep. Please.”—Billie W.

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