Send Cheer To A Little Athlete With Down Syndrome

This is Macy, age 4. She participates in the Special Olympics’ Young Athletes program for children ages 2 1/2 to 7. She’s loving it—and her parents are, too. When they saw her finish her recent first dash, they realized just how much she is capable of. Check out this video:

In 2012, more than 90,000 kids with intellectual disabilities around the world participated in sports training and Young Athletes programming. It focuses on activities that are important to both physical and cognitive growth; kids participate in games and activities that develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Parents say the program helps boost social skills, too. Also: They have a whole lot of fun. Which, after all, is every kid’s quintessential right.

Special Olympics is inviting people to send little Macy notes of encouragement. Just click here, and send her some good cheer. It’s that easy.

Go, Macy, go!

For more information on Young Athletes, click here.

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Images courtesy of Macy’s family

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