What Would Improve Your Life As A Special Needs Family?

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Ireland for the launch of the Upsee, the new mobility device for kids. It’s gotten a ton of attention all around the world, with so many parents excited about its possibilities. Made by Leckey, a company that makes positioning equipment for children with disabilities, the Upsee is part of the company’s new Firefly division; it specializes in products that improve the lives of families. The Upsee is selling for $489, including shipping.

The bloggers in attendance met owner James Leckey, who is passionate about changing the lives of kids with special needs. He asked us about products that would improve the lives of special needs families. I mentioned an inexpensive, collapsable stroller for older kids that looked cool. We ran into a challenge when we visited Disneyland in December; Max no longer fit into the strollers, and we had to get a wheelchair for those times when he got too tired to walk around.

So, I’m throwing the question out to you: What would make your family life better? Share anything at all, whether it’s more funding for respite, improved access in public transportation, new products or basically anything. Feel free to list as many ideas as you’d like.

Cerebral Palsy: Challenges and Triumphs
Cerebral Palsy: Challenges and Triumphs
Cerebral Palsy: Challenges and Triumphs

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A look at the Upsee—and your chance to win one 


Image of child in Upsee via Firefly

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