Jenny McCarthy on The View: Autism Moms Speak Out

This is a post in the weekly Autism Hopes series by Lisa Quinones-Fontanez, a mom who blogs over at AutismWonderland.

By now you must have heard that Jenny McCarthy will be the new co-host of The View. Earlier this week Darshak Sanghavi, M.D., a contributing editor to Parents, shared his concerns regarding McCarthy having a platform “to spout anti-vaccine nonsense” on the GoodyBlog. Dr. Sanghavi writes, “repeating a claim–even if one’s trying to debunk it–only increases its apparent truthfulness…even if someone says a claim is wrong, hearing it over and over again makes people think it’s true.”

No doubt about it, Jenny McCarthy is a polarizing figure in the autism community. And as with all things autism, if you ask ten moms a question, you’ll get ten different answers. However when it comes to Jenny McCarthy there seems to be only two: YES or NO. I asked autism moms to share their thoughts on Jenny McCarthy joining The View.

Mama Fry, Autism with a Side of Fries: Jenny McCarthy has done nothing for autism other than to use it to promote herself.  First her son was an “indigo child, then autistic, now “recovered” but also may never have had autism. I’m all for changing opinions but it seems her changes only relate to career advancement. I have no interest in ever watching The View again as long as she is affiliated with it.

Robyn: I am very excited for Jenny to join The View because for one she’s hilarious. She is very intelligent and I feel that she expresses her views very well. Her books really got me though the beginning stages of my the autism journey my son and I are on. I am a huge supporter of her organization Generation Rescue, we were grant recipients and my son improved so much. My son is 4 years old, autistic, still nonverbal but getting closer to speaking every day.

Miz Kp, Sailing Autistic Seas: When I first found out that Jenny McCarthy would be on The View, I cringed. Jenny McCarthy on The View scares me because of her controversial views. This is dangerous for the autism community. We are already trying to fight misconceptions, such as “there is a cure.” I do not get to watch this show often but when I do I enjoy it most of the time. I just do not think I can stomach it if Jenny McCarthy is a host. 

Ada: I don’t watch The View, but I don’t see the big deal about her being on The View. I think she is funny and has her opinions. I don’t think everyone has to listen to everything she says as gospel. I think she has some good points and others are far fetched. I do agree with her point about requiring the government to create vaccines that are clean and less vaccines on a more friendly schedule. The one thing that I know is that I’m not going to tear her down. She loves her kid and wants him to be cured of Autism. I mean if there is anyway possible to cure Autism I do not see anything wrong with that.

Flannery, The Connor ChroniclesWith a history of representing autism interventions with no scientific basis, and often dangerous and harmful, as well as being a continued danger to the public by making vaccines seem like the culprit, I cannot willfully support any endeavor that Ms. McCarthy takes part in, including The View.

Amy: I think people should give Jenny McCarthy an opportunity. No not everyone can afford what she has done to help her son, but she is willing to help others along the way. I will watch sometimes. I may not agree at all times but I also choose hope. It is all we have sometimes. 

Patty, Pancakes Gone Awry: McCarthy has used her celebrity in a very irresponsible manner, spreading misinformation about autism; some of the treatments she espouses are actually potentially dangerous to children, like chelation. And none of them are scientifically proven to cure autism.  She gives false hope to parents, claiming that there is a cure for the disorder and implying that those parents who don’t recover their children are somehow at fault. 

AlisonAs much as I think Jenny McCarthy is delusional, I think having her on The View can be a very positive thing if she chooses to bring awareness to things like lack of coverage for ABA. If she instead chooses to fight vaccines or talk about “curing” Autism then it will be a negative experience.

Karen, Confessions of An Aspergers MomFirst we lose one of the most positive, intelligent advocates for autism, Holly Robinson Peete from, The Talk. Now, one of the most divisive women in the autism community will be on The View…everyday! 

Lori: I’m a huge supporter of Jenny. What I appreciate the most about Jenny is her honesty. She has a fearless drive to help her own and those who want to be helped. Her organization Generation Rescue has provided me with more information on how to recover my son (please note I use the word “recover” NOT “cure”) from autism. Recovery looks different for every person. I believe Jenny will bring smart, brave and funny conversation to The View. That might ruffle some feathers, but isn’t that what this country is all about?

Are you looking forward to watching Jenny on The View? Would love for you to share you thoughts in the comments!

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