Let’s Chat About Autism

This is a post in the weekly Autism Hopes series by Lisa Quinones-Fontanez, a mom who blogs over at AutismWonderland.

When this photo was posted on Parents Magazine’s Facebook Page, some wondered why I would even mention that my son has autism.

From the moment my son Norrin was diagnosed, I’ve been very open. I remember my mom first telling me that I didn’t need to tell everyone about Norrin. And when he was younger, it probably wasn’t necessary. But the older he gets, the more obvious it becomes. Rather than have people wonder, I’d rather educate.

There are so many misconceptions about autism. So many things that other parents and kids don’t know. And autism is unique to every individual.

There have been times when I’ve told people Norrin has autism and they’ll say something like, “Oh, I never would have guessed. I know someone with autism and they’re like ______.

I talk about Norrin’s autism because I want people to know what our autism looks like.

I never fault anyone for not knowing about autism. But autism seems to become more prevalent, and the more I talk about autism the more I hear, I know someone with autism. I think autism is something everyone should know about – whether they have a personal connection or not.

Next Wednesday, April 3, Parents and Easter Seals will host an autism-themed chat on the Parents Facebook page from 1 to 2 p.m ET.

And I’m excited to be one of the hosts along with developmental-behavioral pediatrician Georgina Peacock, M.D., MPH, and board certified behavior analyst Patricia Wright, Ph.D., MPH.
We’ll talk about the early signs of autism, treatment options and services, and I’ll share my own personal experiences parenting an autistic child. Readers can participate in the chat by asking questions.

Join the Facebook event for the chat and remember to visit the Parents Facebook page on Wednesday, April 3 at 1 p.m. ET. We look forward to hearing your questions!

For more information please click HERE.

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