Nominate A Favorite Blog To Win A Parents Blog Award!

Read a blog that regularly makes you crack up? Or cry? Or inspires you? Or wows you with photos? Bet you do, and here’s your chance to give that blogger props. Submissions are open for the 2013 Parents Blog Awards.  You can nominate a great blog (or, heck, your own great blog) for an award in one of six categories—and you can even nominate it for two. And the categories are (drum roll, please):

• Blog most likely to Have You Reaching for the Tissues

• Blog most likely to Make You Laugh

• Blog most likely to Inspire You To Change The World (even just a little)

• Blog most likely to make life as CHO (Chief Household Officer) Easier

• Blog most likely to Wow You With Photos or Videos

• Blog most likely to Help You Achieve A Personal Goal

The deal:

• Enter your nomination on Facebook (right here!) by Sunday January 27.

• Parents editors will select five finalists in each blog category; readers will get to vote between February 6 and February 24, and choose the winning blogs.

• Winners will be announced on on March 1—and featured in an upcoming issue of Parents!

• You will achieve much fame and glory! Or, at least serious satisfaction.

Go on, show a blogger some love.


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  1. by Jessika Rivera

    On January 22, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    Going back to work was hard, but this blog gives me a laugh and helps me get through my workdays!

  2. by Lindsay Gray

    On January 22, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    My sorority sister has the most amazing mommy blog!! We love you Amanda!!