Best Videos By Siblings Of Brothers And Sisters With Special Needs

The other day, my daughter drew a picture of our family in which she was clearly much bigger than her brother, Max. She is 7; Max is 9. It’s clear from the drawing that she thinks she is the more mature one of the two of them, and in many ways, she is. Max has cognitive delays and fine-motor skill issues, and at times Sabrina is the one helping him to pick up a toy or explaining something to him.

When we’ve been in situations in which kids have stared at Max or made remarks, I’ve seen Sabrina struggle to respond. We’ve been having more and more conversations about Max lately and what it means to have special needs, and her understanding is growing. So when I see videos made by siblings of kids with special kids speaking out for them, I get seriously inspired. These are some of my favorites:

Retarded., by RayMay52

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Screen grab: YouTube/RayMay5

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