Should Twins Be Placed In The Same Classroom? A Helpful Infographic

I recently came across this interesting infographic, and wanted to share it for any readers with twins (or if you’re just generally fascinated about what it’s like to raise twins, as I am). I had no idea there was actual legislation on this.

I personally think it’s a good idea to place twins in different classrooms; the two friends I know with twins have both done that, basically to help give each their own identity. But it sure does make for a whole lot of extra effort, from parent-teacher conferences to school trips.

Twins in the Classroom

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  2. by Kathryn

    On November 15, 2012 at 7:40 am

    I am a 14 year old faternal twin with a sister. The year we were in kindergarden(2003-2004) it was the year before the twin “rule” was changed and parents could choose. We were in seperate classes. After the rule changed we were asked if we wanted to be together but the answer was no. We were in seperate classes all through elementary school. Then came middle school. Before we started 6th grade (2009-2010) we were told it was policy that same sex twins were in all the same classes in 6th grade to “ease the transition”. We HATED it. We were together in all classes 7 hours a day! The next year we as 7th graders could choose to be seperated(we did) and learned the policy had been lifted.We were seperated for 7th and 8th grades.We started high school in the fall. We had requested to be seperated and we are. Our guindance consuler is an identical twin and he understands.We will be seperated for the rest of high school. But thats just us.

  3. by RachaelMC

    On April 9, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    When my mom was a kid (one of fraternal twins), the rule was twins were allowed to be (though not always) together until Grade Three so that they could handle the first few years together, then they were expected to be independent. I think in some cases that can be a reasonable compromise.

  4. by Separation at pre-school/ school - BabyandBump

    On July 31, 2013 at 12:35 am

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