Celebrate Yourself Today, Too!

Flowers! Cards! Chocolate! Breakfast in bed! Hopefully, you got your fair share of Mother’s Day treats. All I wanted was to sleep late, and my family gladly obliged.

By now, you’ve returned to your uncoddled life and the 99,999 things you do for your kids, particularly if you have one with special needs. This week alone I will…

• Drive my son, Max, to and from assorted therapies

• Take him to his annual pediatric neurologist appointment

• Look into finding a good drinking cup for him (he has trouble grapsing things)

• Work on putting together words to form a sentence, using his speech app

• Call the insurance company for the bazillionth time to go over dozens of unpaid claims (and then get that person’s supervisor on the phone, most likely)

• Fill out medical forms for summer camp

• Get the doctor’s office to sign forms for summer camp

• Re-order the anti-seizure medication

• Continue to work on potty training/pray it will happen

And that’s not counting the other ways I take care of him, or his sister, or my family.

Your tasks may be different, but I have a feeling you can relate. As moms of kids with special needs, we do more than other moms. And we don’t get ourselves credit for it (probably because we don’t have time to think about all that we’re doing). (Which is probably a good thing.) (Otherwise we’d feel even more tired.)

So I’m here to say, today is Mother’s Day, too. So is tomorrow. And the day after. And the week after. Every day should be a day to give yourself props for all you do, and for holding it together without losing it. Well, usually without losing it.

GO US!!!


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