I’ve Got Momnesia. Can You Relate? Um, What Was I Saying?

The forgetfulness started when I was pregnant with my first child, Max. “Hormones,” everyone said, and I was glad to have an excuse for  the absentmindedness.

I am not quite sure what to blame these days, given the fact that a) I am not pregnant and b) Max is now 9 and my little girl, 7.

Actually, perhaps I could blame my kids. As they’ve gotten older, there is so much more kid stuff to keep track of—homework, projects, forms to sign, activities, birthday parties. I swear, I’d pay someone to buy birthday presents for all the parties. As a parent of a kid with special needs—Max has cerebral palsy— I’ve dedicated a whole other chunk of brain power to his needs. There’s always something I could and should be doing for him: exercises to stretch his legs, educational apps to program into his iPad, therapists to touch base with, new therapies to look into, insurance company calls to make and yet MORE insurance company calls to make.

I know my habit of multi-tasking isn’t helping. As I am typing this, I am watching Moneyball, occasionally checking my email and the status of  Words With Friends game, and trying to figure out plans for next weekend. Research has shown that multi-tasking releases stress hormones, which can cause short-term memory loss.

This all means that my brain is a very crowded, messed-up place (sort of like our family room, but worse). Which explains why I sometimes forget what I came into a room to get. Or why basic words like “window pane” sometimes escape me. Or why I will lose things in our house such as my house keys, only to find them on a shelf in the fridge.

As I was sitting in a parking spot at the mall and chatting with a friend the other day, I had one of those mommy-brain moments; I realized my iPhone wasn’t in my purse.

“Uh-oh, where’s my iPhone!” I blurted to her.

“You’re talking to me on it,” she said.

That was scary.

Got momnesia?


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