My Special Needs Parent Resolutions For 2012

* I will try to get my son more involved in inclusive activities; he benefits so much from hanging with kids of all abilities.

* I will spend more time finding educational apps, because I’m thinking Angry Birds just doesn’t count.

* I will encourage more independence with feeding and dressing himself. And how lovely would it be if he cleaned up his room? Very lovely.

* I will try to do more of the exercises his therapists recommend…

* …but I won’t feel guilty for not doing all of them, because there just aren’t enough hours in the day or energy cells in my body.

* I will quit downing the mac and cheese my son doesn’t finish because it doesn’t look nearly as good on me.

* I will quit downing the leftover chocolate milkshake, too. For some reason, it also doesn’t look nearly as good on me.

* I will really, really work on potty training. I mean it this time.

* Really, I mean it.

* I will get less upset when others blatantly stare at my son. Some people are just decency disabled.

* I will try to get my son less addicted to watching clips from Cars 2. Where’s the app for weaning your child off YouTube, anyway?

* I will try to remain more calm when my son has a sensory meltdown in public…

* …although I wouldn’t mind having some Valium.

* I will try so hard to remember that no matter what disabilities he may have, my son is a happy kid—and that’s what matters most.


What are your special needs parenting resolutions for 2012?


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* My name is Ellen and I steal Cheez Doodles from my son


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  1. by Kari

    On December 31, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    I agree with so many, but especially the last one!