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Small Business Saturday- Free $10 Credit for American Express Cardholders

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

If you have an American Express card, here is a fun way to save and support local small businesses at the same time!  Last year I was able to get some delicious, good quality lunch meat at a local meat market for almost nothing after my statement credit.  Talk about awesome!

American Express is offering a $10 statement credit to all members who register a card and use it on Small Business Saturday, November 29, 2014, at participating local small businesses.


Small Business Saturday- Free $10 Credit for American Express Card Members


Here’s how it works:

1.  Register any eligible American Express card.

(Registration is open until November 29 but may end sooner if the limit is met.)

2.  Use the registered card to spend $10 or more at participating merchants on Nov. 29

3.  Within 90 days, you’ll get a $10 statement credit for your purchase.

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7 Ways to Make Money By Selling Your Clutter

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

I recently came through a month of intensive decluttering and while my goal was mainly to simplify, I was pretty happy to also make almost $75 in the process!  In fact, knowing that I could potentially make a couple of dollars off of something was great motivation for me.  And in the week since I actually made another $165 from selling a double stroller and some clothing that I hadn’t had a chance to sell earlier.

If you are decluttering or are simply tight on money, it is definitely worth trying to sell some of your things.  If you aren’t sure where to do it, here are a list of place that I have used and recommend

7 Ways to Make Money by Selling Your Clutter

1.  Craigslist
Craigslist is a great way to sell things and we’ve had good success using it over the last several years.  While you can post anything, I recommend using it mainly for bigger ticket items as those seem to do well there.  If you aren’t sure how much to charge for your item, simply use the “Search” box to see what others are charging for similar things and go from there.

To avoid being scammed, take only cash.  Also, if you aren’t comfortable having people come to your home, you can instead meet them at a local public place.

Tip: Detailed description and a few good pictures help a lot!  Also, a fairly specific location is helpful too so that people know whether it is worth there time.  For instance, instead of saying “Exton” try “Exton, north side”. 

2.  Ebay
I don’t use Ebay as much as some of the other methods simply because it gets expensive to ship big, heavy items.  But it’s great for smaller things and I’ve done reasonably well selling here.  I was intrigued to learn that coffee mugs and any thing pig related sell well on Ebay!

Before I list something, I like to see if it is worth my time by using the Advanced Search feature to see if similar items have sold well recently.  This is also a great way to figure out what to charge too.  To find these details, once on the search page simply enter the item description and check the “Sold” box.

Tip: Again detailed description and great pictures go a long way in helping your item get attention.  Also be sure to factor in shipping costs.  

3.  Online Yard Sale Facebook Groups
In the last year I’ve become a big fan of Online Yard Sale Groups on Facebook.  Never heard of them?  It’s basically like a great big yard sale online that you can sell items from any time.  To find one, simply search Facebook with your area’s name and either yard sale or resale and likely something will pop up.  If not, create one yourself- but be prepared for it to become a hopping, popular place!

While you can sell big ticket items here, I’ve found these groups to be a great place for selling smaller items and kid’s clothing.  In fact, two groups that I’m part of are specifically for kid’s stuff.

I really like these groups for two reasons.  For one thing you can see a picture of the person that is buying from you which makes it feel safer and less risky than Craigslist.  And asking questions is as simple as leaving a Facebook comment or sending the seller a PM.

Tip: I know, I said it before but it’s so very true!  Excellent detailed descriptions and clear pictures are what will really help you do well here.  It is also helpful to state whether you are going to go with the first person who comments, the first person who can pick up the item, etc. 

4.  Yard Sales
Good old traditional yard sales are still a great way to get rid of things.  We typically have one every summer and I love it for things that just don’t sell well anywhere else.  To keep things simple, we have a small corner in the basement where we put anything that we want to sell at our yard sale.  Want to really be efficient?  Price the items as you add them to the pile!

For tips on how to make the most of your yard sale, read my post 5 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale.

5.  Book Buy Back Site
If you have unwanted books lying around, it might be worth checking with some book buy back sites to see if they are worth anything.  Textbooks and books by popular authors often sell well.  And I love that most sites will pay for the shipping costs too!

Here are the sites that we’ve used with good success:

* Cash 4 Books
* Sell Back Your Book

6.  Consignments Sales/Stores
We don’t have any really great consignment stores around here, at least in my opinion, but the city I lived in before we were married had a great one that I used often to sell unwanted clothing.  It was super easy because I would just stop by with the clothes, wait as they looked them over and took my info and then when I sold $10 worth, they would contact me and I would get the money.  I always made out better than I would have had I tried selling those items at a yard sale and I loved that I could keep “cleaning house” all year round.

Also, many areas have kid’s consignment sales and while I have never tried selling at these, I have friends who have and loved it!

7.  ThredUp
I have bought clothes through ThredUp several times but I have never have used them to sell things simply because I feel like I have better options available.  But I know a lot of people love selling through them.  Basically you request a bag, put your women’s and/or kid’s clothing in it, mail it (postage is pre-paid) and then once your items sell you get paid!  You can then use your payment to buy clothing from ThredUp or simply cash out via PayPal.

What are your favorite ways to make money on your “junk”?

Home Organization: Schoolwork, Artwork, and Keepsakes
Home Organization: Schoolwork, Artwork, and Keepsakes
Home Organization: Schoolwork, Artwork, and Keepsakes

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10 Free Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints (just pay shipping!)

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Tiny Prints 10 Free Holiday Cards

UPDATE:  Just found out that this deal is both for ALL customers, both new and former users.   Yay!

Check out this awesome offer from Tiny Prints!

Through November 12, 2014, new customers can get 10 Free Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints when they use coupon code 10FREECARDS at checkout.  Shipping starts at $5.99 (economy shipping).  If you order more cards and your order is $49 or more, you should also be able to get free shipping with coupon code FREESHIP49.

Get 10 Free Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints has beautiful, high quality cards.  I’ve used them in the past and was super happy with their products.

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Ladies Scarves as low as $3.04 each! (Floral, Chevron & Polka Dot)

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Amazon has a variety of scarves at great prices.  In fact you can get them for as low as $3.04 each!  (You do have to pay for shipping on many of them or buy enough other things to qualify for free shipping  Just want to be clear about that since I hate misleading people!) 

Scarves are such a great, inexpensive way to add a little wow to your wardrobe.  I love them!


Ladies Scarves as low as $3.04 each!

* Soft Chevron Infinity Scarf as low as $4.69 (variety of colors)
* Floral Chiffon Shawl Scarf as low a $3.04 (variety of colors)

* Polka Dot Sheer Infinity Scarf as low as $6.99 (variety of colors)
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Our $200/mo. Grocery Budget: What I Spent & Saved This Week (10/26-11/1)

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Some of you have wondered where I get my printable coupons. Here are the main coupon sites that I use: Coupons.comCoupon NetworkSmart SourceRed PlumIbottaSnap, HopsterCheckout 51, and Saving Star.  Manufacturer websites and Facebook pages are another great source.

Favorite buys:

  • Better than free Nestle chocolate chips
  • Blue Diamond almonds for $1.33 each
  • Banana for $0.02
  • Free Trident gum
  • Free Colgate toothpaste

Total Spent: $68.37
Total Saved with Coupons: $15.75
Total Saved with Sales: $57.47
Total Saved: $73.22 + $85.03 in gas savings

Giant: $126.74
Saved with Coupons: $6.75
Saved with Sales: $55.80

Not pictured: 1 gallon milk

Wow, this was a crazy, crazy week at Giant!  Yes, I  bought a ridiculous amount of chocolate and other flavored chips.  But this deal was just too good to pass up!  Basically when all was said and done I made $1.75 on them!  It was one of those deals where I felt like I was a bit nuts to buy so many and yet it’s something that I will use and they don’t expire until 2016 sometime so I decided I didn’t have anything to lose.  I do a lot of baking over the holidays so I’ll go through quite a few bags then.  And I got some white chocolate chips too and will use them to make several snacks that use them.  I also may end up selling some of them to family and friends for $0.50/bag if I don’t use them fast enough.

The Blue Diamond almonds were another great deal.  They ended up being $1.33/can or the equivalent of paying $2.66 for the larger size bags.  Those bags cost $4.99 at Aldi so this was decent savings!  We love almonds.  I use them in various recipes, on salads and of course for snacking too.

(If you aren’t familiar with how the gas deals work, basically you earn so much off a gallon of gas when you purchase a certain number of specific items.  This time I earned $100 worth of free gas for purchasing the Nestle and Blue Diamond products.)

We typically buy milk from a local dairy, partly because it’s cheaper (just $2.50/gal.) and partly because we like it better.  But this week, my husband forgot to stop and get it on his way home from work so I ended up buying a gallon at the store.  Wow, it made me realize how much we save typically by buying it from the farmer direct!  I was thankful for an Ibotta offer that least helped me save a little bit.  I also grabbed a banana for $0.02 after Checkout 51 savings.


  • Store brand 2% milk $4.22
    - used $0.25 Ibotta offer
  • Banana $0.27
    - used $0.25Checkout 51 offer
  • 42 Nestle chocolate chips $2.50 each
    - used three $2.25/5 Nestle coupon that printed at register on previous transaction
    - $30.00 in instant savings for purchasing the Nestle
  • 18 Blue Diamond almonds $3.00 each

Got Back:

  • $70.00 in gas rewards savings for purchasing the Nestle
  • $30.00 in gas rewards savings for purchasing the Blue Diamond

Rite Aid: $0
Saved with Coupons: $4.00
Saved with Sales: $1.67

I used $0.70 in grocery cash to pay for this purchase.

This summer I took a break from shopping at drug stores and am just getting back into it again.  My toothpaste stockpile had dwindled to just a couple of tubes as a result so I was glad to be able to get a free tube this week.  Actually, it was a moneymaker of $0.59, which is even better!  And I got the gum because it was Saving Star’s Freebie Friday item, meaning it was free after Saving Star credit.  I didn’t realize it until I was at the store that they had it on sale for buy one, get one free, so I ended up getting both packs for free!  Yay!


  • Colgate Total $3.41
    - $1.00 Colgate printable coupon
  • 2 Trident gum $1.29 total (on sale buy one, get one free)
    - $1.29 Saving Star rebate

Other Coupons Used:

  • $3.00 in UPRewards (Rite Aid coupon that print at register for purchasing specific items)

Got Back:

  • $3.00 in UPRewards for purchasing the Colgate (can be used on next purchase of any item)

Aldi: $26.66
Saved with Coupon: $5.00

Not pictured: 2 packs of Romaine Hearts

I wasn’t planning on shopping at Aldi this week but had another $5/$30 coupon to use at the new Aldi store, so I figured I might as well use it and stock up on things that I typically buy there.

They had several things on markdown including the lettuce and spinach which I happily bought.  The Romaine hearts and Parmesan cheese were my contribution to a family meal with my husband’s family.  I haven’t made Caesar salad in a while and it was good!  I’m going to have to get more ingredients to make it again soon for us.


  • Croutons $0.89
  • 2 Romaine hearts $1.99 each
  • Spinach $0.99
  • Mustard $0.89
  • Sour cream $1.29
  • Parmesan Shredded Cheese $1.99
  • Baby Lettuce $1.00
  • Coconut flakes $1.29
  • Celery $1.69
  • Ketchup (high fructose corn syrup free) $1.29
  • Apples $1.99
  • 2 Black beans $0.59 each
  • 5 Great Northern beans $0.59 each
  • Tortillas $1.19
  • Powdered sugar $0.99
  • Brown sugar $0.99
  • 2 Canola oil $2.39 each
  • Salmon, canned $2.29

Credits: $85.03

The last couple of weeks I’ve been buying various items that are part of the Giant gas deals.  Basically, you get points for purchasing the products and then you can redeem those points for gas.  I was able to get $85.03 worth of gas for free as a result.  And since I only buy the grocery items that are part of these deals because they either get me free gas or make me money, I put the savings back into my grocery budget.  (To see the details of these purchases look at my previous Giant purchases under my What I Spent & What I Saved posts.)

How to Buy Baby Food on a Budget
How to Buy Baby Food on a Budget
How to Buy Baby Food on a Budget

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